WHO IS...?

    The founder of AlterNativa Salta, Gary Pekarek, who lived and worked for almost 20 years in Europe as a TV cameraman, is a lover of these most fascinating landscapes, the high Andes, the Puna, people, local traditions and food, and also 4x4 vehicles. He gained a lot of experience working for mining companies and also for well known car manufacturers such as Land Rover, with whom he participated in instructor trainings courses in Germany.

    He is also cofounder and member of ADOPTA, the local Adventure Tourism Association, and has actively participated in the elaboration of the IRAM-Sectur normative regarding 4x4 travel and organization of special events at national level.

    And as he likes to eat and cook, he owns a small restaurant, Quinoa Real, high up in the Andes, in the little miner’s village, San Antonio de los Cobres at nearly 4.000 mt. altitude, where typical local dishes are served, such as llama meat, lamb and quinoa.