RN 40 TO mendoza


This is a 10 day tour, which we have been realizing over the past 20 years with much success.
Along Argentine’s longest road, RN40, from the Bolivian frontier to Tierra del Fuego…
On this tour we just drive along the northern part of the RN40, from the city of Salta to Mendoza, aprox. 2.000 km.
We will visit saltflats, the famous puna or altiplano, desert areas, where we will only meet some miners and a lot of vicuñas.
Unforgettable landscapes, prehispanic ruins, volcanoes and mountain ranges with more than 6.000 mts.
We will drive through the Talampaya and Ischigualasto national parks, where the oldest and also smallest dinosaurs in the world have been found and admire weird rock formations and colors, see flamingos resting in Andean high altitude lagoons…
A visit to an observatory, an old Spanish wheat mill and to the highest mountain of the Americas, the Aconcagua with 6.990 mts, are also included in the program!


  • Day 1: Salta, Quebrada de Humahuaca, Tilcara
  • Day 2: Purmamarca, Salinas, Susques, Sey, San Antonio de los Cobres
  • Day 3: Abra del Acay, Cachi, Cafayate
  • Day 4: Quilmes, Belén, Londres, Chilecito
  • Day 5: Chilecito, Villa Unión
  • Day 6: Parques Nacionales de Talampaya e Ischigualasto, Villa Unión
  • Day 7: Jagüell, Laguna Brava, Villa Unión
  • Day 8: San José de Jachal, Barreal
  • Day 9: Uspallata
  • Day 10: Uspallata, Mendoza - end of our services!
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