Puna, Andes and Salares de Argentina

with Mina Capillitas and Casualidad (PASR8)

8 days driving through the Puna de Atacama, the proper name of this geological formation, visiting the provinces of Jujuy, Salta and Catamarca, through wonderful landscapes such as salt flats and deserts surrounded by mountains and snow covered volcanoes, and resting in small hotels. We visit prehispanic ruins, long forgotten Andean villages like Tolar Grande, Antofalla, and the abandoned, now a surprising ghost village, Mina Casualidad… and also one of the few rhodocrosite mines in the world.
A trip, mostly, far away of all civilization….


  • Day 1: Salta, Qda del Toro, Sta. Rosa de Tastil, Viaducto La Polvorilla, Susques
  • Day 2: Salar de Olaroz, Salar de Cauchari, Pocitos, Tolar Grande
  • Day 3: Caipe, Mina Casualidad, Salar de Arizaro
  • Day 4: Cono de Arita, Salar de Antofalla, Cuesta del Diablo, El Peñón
  • Day 5: Laguna Grande, Campo de Piedra Pomez, El Peñón
  • Day 6: Belén, Mina Capillitas
  • Day 7: Sta. María, Quilmes, Cafayate
  • Day 8: Molinos, Cachi, Cuesta del Obispo, Salta - end of our services!
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